Thursday, July 27, 2017

Let's Push This Dream All The Way

Hello, all! I think those two pictures pretty much sum up how I'm feeling right now. Things have been slow, and I could really use your help in getting them off the ground. If you need the links to my books here you are: Blood & Magic, Dragons & Magic, Centaurs & Magic, and Corvids & Magic.

Please don't allow me to be silenced. I have three more books to go in this series, and I would love a chance for people to be able to read them all. Also if you enjoy my books whilst it is perfectly fine to tell me, please leave me a review so my publisher can know. So many have personally told me which means a lot to me, it does, but my publisher needs to know; too. Please help keep my books afloat and help promote the dream of an indie writer. I would love you forever.

Also if you haven't purchased any of the books yet and would like to, please feel free. I thank you for both your time and your patience. I appreciate each and every person who has helped me get this far. Now let's push this dream further and see it through!

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