Saturday, May 27, 2017

Please Give Me a Review? I Would Appreciate It.

Hey, all! I'm asking for reviews for my books. Some people have told me they enjoy my books, but reviews help me get seen and let my publisher know that you enjoy my books, also!

Here are the links to my books if you are not yet acquainted with them: Blood & Magic, Dragons & Magic, Centaurs & Magic, and Corvids & Magic.

Corvids & Magic was released March 2017. It has no reviews yet which saddens me. Of course, it's better than having five negative reviews, but still...I have three books to go on this journey. I really don't want to lose my voice because of lack of perceived interest so please keep sharing my links if and when you are able should you be interested and give me some reviews if you enjoy what I do! I really, really appreciate you.

Thank you for being here.

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