Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Guest Blog Post & Other Things

Wow! I hadn't realized that I hadn't posted anything in January, I'm sorry about that! Well, if you guys didn't already see on FB I had a recent Guest Post about my novel Centaurs & Magic which some may find beneficial. It talks about my thought process when making the novel and what I was trying to achieve.

Also, I had another recent review for Blood & Magic. It was four star review so I appreciated that. I know that my book clearly isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it is nice to know that some people are enjoying it enough to leave me reviews. I do appreciate the good reviews. The bad ones are always disheartening, but I know that there's no making everyone happy.

I hope everyone has a good day, and if you want to check out my books feel free to do so! That would totally make my day. If you have a review that you'd like to write - leave that, too. I do enjoy positive input and criticisms as long as they are constructive and not just rude.

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