Sunday, October 30, 2016

Centaurs & Magic - November 10th release!

I can't believe it! November 10th is looming ever closer, and my book Centaurs & Magic will be out! It's available for pre-order on kindle editions only. I'm super excited, though. It's the 3rd book in my Magic Series and the only one that breaks sequence. This book happens before Blood & Magic and Dragons & Magic (and all the others, to be perfectly honest).

Why would I do that? It wasn't intentional. I intended on making the series in chronological order. However, a friend of mine asked for more of Atriel's history and backstory so Centaurs & Magic came about. Ironically, there's more history in the 4th book which is set directly after the events in Dragons & Magic, but I tried. Ha ha.

My Magic Series is an ensemble piece that centers around my character Lucille Roddingale because even if she doesn't happen to be the main character of the book she is always present in the books. She's a big part of Atriel. Even in this book where she plays a "small" part.

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