Friday, September 9, 2016

Cover Reveal & Other Things

So excited! This is the cover for the third book in my Magic Series: Centaurs & Magic. It really makes me happy that my editor was able to make Veronique's eyes the colors that they are. For those who do not know Veronique has multi-colored eyes - one is hazel that is a honey brown color and the other is green. I actually based that off a girl I once met who had one blue eye and one brown.

This cover has me so pumped! I'm ready for the book release. It's due out in November. It's the only book that doesn't go in chronological order. I do that in all my series, but this one was different. Only because a friend asked me for more of Atriel's history. So I went back and fleshed out Evan and Veronique a bit.

Ironically, though, there is more history in book four which is set directly after book two: Dragons & Magic.

The books are an ensemble series that centers around Lucille Roddingale. They tell the stories of other characters and people involved in her life in large and small parts. Even in this book about Evan she plays a "small" part. She is the center of each story even if she's not the only character the book talks about.

I apologize for not getting any posts up in August. Not sure what happened there, but I am here now. The Magic Series is still very much alive, and I'm excited about that! There are seven books in the series so the story is far from over. I'm so grateful that my publisher is giving me another chance. That being said if you haven't purchased the books yet and would like to you can do so here: Blood & Magic & Dragons & Magic.

Also, if you've read my books and enjoyed them please leave me a review! More reviews can lead to more sales, and I could certainly use those! Plus, it helps me to better be seen on Amazon. You need anywhere between 20-25 reviews to really get noticed and I'm nowhere near close to that yet so any help there is appreciated. Thank you all so much for reading and helping to support my dream. <3

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