Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Some News!

Hey there, everyone! Just so you know, I want you to know that I appreciate all who have purchased a copy or two of my novels Blood & Magic and Dragons & Magic. I would like to ask you to continue to do so, and please leave reviews for my books if you truly enjoy them so others may find them on Amazon and enjoy them, as well.

Also, the third novel of this series Centaurs & Magic has been set for a November release. I'm pretty excited. I know that I'm not out of the woods yet, but it makes my heart happy that my publisher is giving me another chance to promote my books and get some more sales. She had originally sent me out an email a day before my birthday that resulted in many tears; but I came back and asked her if I could get an extension as I have an upcoming interview and book giveaway which I'm hoping promotes interest and gets me some more sales. I would ask you to pray, continue sharing the links to my books, light candles, and keep me in your thoughts. I could use some positive energy and things to happen in my life as I've been struggling a lot in the past couple months. Thank you so much, everyone!

My Magic Series for anyone who may be interested is an ensemble piece centering around my character Lucille Roddingale. While she may not be the main focus of the story, Atriel would be forever different without her presence and she's a part of each story. Although her part is "smaller" in Centaurs & Magic which is a prequel of sorts to Blood & Magic and Dragons & Magic she still remains a central part of the story. I decided upon making this prequel as a result of a friend requesting more history and background of my magical realm of Atriel. Ironically enough I think there is more history revealed in the fourth book which is set directly after Dragons & Magic, but you do learn a lot about Evan and what drives him as a person and a secret that he tried to keep from the world.

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