Sunday, July 24, 2016

An Interview & A Desperate Need For Book Sales

My latest interview was with Ravenwings of PBN Radio today which you can listen to here: youtube. Don't forget to enter into the contest! There are free pdf versions of both of my novels Blood & Magic and Dragons & Magic in the running! Also my friend Sunbow Pendragon has one of her books as a prize so be sure and join in on the fun so you don't miss out on some great prizes!

I received my contract back from my publisher on July 17th, a day before my birthday. After crying about it for a few minutes - I walked back into the living room and sat down and wrote an email begging my publisher to give me an extension. She's given me another chance. In fact, the third book of my series Centaurs & Magic which is a prequel of sorts and set before the beginning of Blood & Magic is due out in November. I still need book sales, however, so please continue to spread the word. Thank you for all you support and kindness! I truly appreciate it. I would like to keep my contract and have all seven books in this series published.

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