Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sharmat's Folly

I usually focus on my own Magic Series, but yesterday I was approached with a request from a fellow author to review his novel.

So I read Sharmat's Folly by Clinton A. Seeber this morning, and found that I rather enjoyed it. I managed to get it free for exchange of a review I left him on Goodreads. I will say, however, that I do prefer paperback copies to e-copies but that's just my own personal preference and really has no significance or bearing on my rating of this book.

I think the vital lessons that I pulled from this book were: you have to believe in yourself and never lose hope (which ironically enough is Jacob's surname.

I gave him five stars and this is the review I left him on Goodreads: "Sharmat's Folly is an interesting tale that I quite enjoyed. It does involve a hero going on another quest as most stories do, but Jacob Hope is an unlikely sort of hero - a druggie pulled into a fantasy universe he is always doubting the reality of the world he's stuck into. He's a very easy to relate to character in that he is very flawed - cowardly and feeble. Yet despite his limitations, he pursues onward and tries to help Trena (the beautiful elf maiden) who saves him from calamity and her world from destruction of the "taint". It is an enjoyable read with interesting characters and an engaging plotline. My only quibble is that some parts feel as if they're dragging, but all in all the details and characters are very rich.

I really must admit that I am not a fan of Miss Trena Treelimb. I think it's because I didn't really perceive her as having any real flaws or quirks as if she's a typical "pure of heart" character. She didn't intrigue me, at all. However, I am really fond of Hammond. If Clinton kills off Hammond - it's over. I'm not reading any more books in this series. Hammond was my first and always favorite character of this series. Don't ask me why I adore dwarves so much, I just do, and Hammond amuses me. I really enjoyed his battle with the Iron Maiden and the truce they made at the end.

You can purchase your own copy at the following link: Sharmat's Folly.

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