Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reviews & Their Significance

I have two reviews on Amazon that are positive and two that are negative for my novel Blood & Magic. If you enjoy my book please leave me a positive review! I could really use the exposure. The more reviews I have, the more likely my novel will reach more people, and to have a broader audience would be absolutely awesome.

Here's the link to Blood & Magic. This is only book one of my Magic Series. I would hate for my voice to be stifled as there are 6 more books in this series to be released yet. Please help my dream come true and help support an author of an independent press! I would appreciate that much more than you could ever know. My second book was made available in October 2015 and has no reviews yet. If you enjoyed my novel Dragons & Magic I would appreciate it if you kindly left a review here.

Thank you! Reviews and ratings really do help us authors to be seen and heard and as I have so much to say yet - I would love to reach a wider scope of people and get my writing further into the world. Thank you for understanding and helping me with my goal. I appreciate all of your support.

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