Sunday, March 20, 2016

Holding Onto Hope

Wow, just got a two star review today on my novel Blood & Magic which was to say very soul-crushing. Writing is my dream and I really want my Magic Series to continue. So please, please, if you enjoy my novel and just haven't gotten around to reviewing it yet - do so here: Review!. It takes my over-all rating down from four and a half stars down to four which is really crushing. I'm upset. Was working on some writing, but now I think I need to step away from the computer and remind myself to breathe.

I know my book wasn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but people are truly cruel and scathing sometimes. It's so good to know that there are many people whose writing, art, or music I shouldn't support in the future. I won't harm their careers the way they're attempting to harm mine, but neither will I support them.

I'm going to keep on writing and keep on living my dream. But right now I think it's time for me to step away and go outside and enjoy some sunshine while it's here and breathe. I really want you to see the whole of the Magic Series. So please help me keep it alive by giving reviews, prayers, or some positive mojo because I could use all three of those things right now.

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