Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cover Wars!

This week you can vote daily for my book in a Cover War! I would love to win so please remember to daily vote for my book cover at the following website: Cover Wars. I'm pretty excited at the prospect of winning. I would be featured on the Author Shout website. It might even get my books some more exposure which would be nice as I could really use more sales.

If you have yet to purchase a copy of my books and would like to do so remember they're available on Amazon, Kobo, Createspace, directly through my publisher (Ravenswood Publishing), Google Play, Barnes & Nobles, Smashwords, etc. Please help support my art so that I am able to make more! I love writing. It is a passion of mine, and I hope that you enjoy the Magic Series.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Independent Publisher

I am publishing the Magic Series through the independent publisher Ravenswood Publishing through their imprint Chimera. My book isn't widely available in bookstores because neither the publisher nor I have enough money to finance that. Which means every purchase you make of Blood & Magic and Dragons & Magic benefits me greatly.

Also, I don't want to sound like a broken record here, but reviews help! So please, if you've read these novels and you like them please review them! Not only do they boost my mood but they may actually result in a sale (which would be awesome). Thank you to all my loyal friends and fans! I appreciate your support. Please do not feel bad if you cannot purchase a novel from me, I understand, but if you could share my work that would be immensely helpful. Thank you!

I'm a little numb right now, keep staring at the page of my latest novel and progressing no further. First we lost Bowie on Sunday and now today, Alan Rickman? The world feels a little less magical, but I'm listening to music and trying to recharge so that I can manage something before bed. Sweet dreams, and remember fairy tales. They feed our souls.

Also the excerpt of my novel that Amazon showed me when I checked for reviews today amused me. "Oi, dragonbreath..." Very descriptive. Ha ha! Sweet dreams, may you find the goodness and magic and light that you seek. I wish for nothing but happiness for you all and for myself, too. Let's make 2016 great despite the losses we may encounter and already have.