Sunday, November 1, 2015

Evolution, Reviews, & Other Tidbits

Well, it's funny sometimes how easily and quickly characters and plots in my novels can evolve. I wrote a short story entitled "A Villain's Intentions Torn published in Wordhaus which I had intended on being Canon, but however several things have happened since then that make this story simply an alternative universe. So this isn't Canon.

At the time this was written I had envisioned things a little differently including Cadalia's hair which is now blonde in Canon. However, I think this is good proof to me that characters and situations develop a lot differently for us novelists than we sometimes envision in our minds. Also proves as a warning to me that my characters have minds of their own and that I shouldn't expect to write short stories before I finish writing the novels if I wish for them to correlate with the books.

However, this short story Fast Food published in Carnage Conservatory does fit the Canon and I will consider it as such. This piece involves my characters Veronique, Rugged, and Cassaga (which you have yet to meet).

In other news entirely I have been observing Dragons & Magic with the hopes that someone would leave me a positive review. I have not received any, as of yet. I'm hoping that will change soon. To have just but one person that enjoyed this novel would make me over the moon. Clearly, I do not hope only one person enjoys it, but I also know that taste is subjective. Just after that initial negative response, it would make me feel ever so grateful should I get positive reviews. If you happened to enjoy that novel then please do feel free to leave me a review. I would appreciate it ever so much! The negative review mentioned how they didn't like my writing style but in a way that was less than constructive - I don't mind criticism as long as it is helpful. That was not. So, of course, if you enjoy it and there's something you don't like you are free to mention that. I'm not saying leave a dishonest review. However, if you like it, as is, then that's awesome, too!

Currently working on the sixth book in the series. It's hard to believe that after this book is finished that there will only be one more to complete for the Magic Series. However, there is a part of my brain that insists that this could be an ongoing series while there's other characters in my brain saying: "Don't you dare, you promised you'd write my story, too!".