Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dragons & Magic

My novel Blood & Magic was published on October 1st, 2015. The first feedback I received from this novel was not good. I wrote an article about it here, if you're interested in reading that: Don't Tell A Novelist To Rewrite Their Novel It's Their Dream Not Yours. To put it plainly for those of you that may not be aware - this reviewer insisted that I needed to rewrite my novel because my writing style was not to their taste. I found that very childish, entitled, and narcissistic. After all, it is my dream and not theirs.

So if you're feeling inclined and you've enjoyed the novel please do leave me a review. I don't know if it's all in my head or not, but I'm still a bit worried I may lose my contract. You are my voice, please keep my voice alive, and show my publisher there are people interested in my story. I still have so much to say and I would hate for my voice to be cut short on book two when there are to be seven books in this series. Words do matter and your voice counts! Please show me some support if you do feel so inclined. I would truly appreciate it more than you would know.

I'm currently working on the sixth book, and I'm pretty excited. Each book seems to be getting better than the last. I can't wait for you guys to read them.