Saturday, September 26, 2015

Dragons & Magic and Other Tidbits

Four days until the release of my novel Dragons & Magic! Each day that gets closer to the release, the more excited I'm getting! Can't believe how quickly September dissolved away. Soon October will be here. Not that I'm complaining because the first of October is when my book comes out. Yippee!

I recently sent in the fourth book of my Magic Series to my editor. I'm currently working on the fifth book. 45 chapters in and I still have a way to go. This book is definitely going to be the longest of them thus far. Book four was close to hitting fifty chapters, but I think the fifth one is going to have close to if not sixty chapters. I just have some issues to resolve, a plot twist to introduce, and I need to give it a proper ending.

Well, I better get to it! I want to get a lot of writing done before I pop into work today.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Book Two & Other Things

I'm pretty excited. The second novel of my Magic Series Dragons & Magic is set for an October 1st release if you didn't already know. It's available for pre-order so feel free to pre-order your copy.

I'm currently working on the fifth novel in the series, and I'm pretty excited about that. One part of me is like: Only two more books to go, whee! Another part: I have two more books to go yet. Another part of me: Eeek, I'm going to miss these characters. I really will. I hope that you all enjoy them as much as I do. I truly mean that. I can't help but think of what project I'll tackle next after the Magic series is finished, but a part of me can't bear to think of that. I know it's going to end in a way where I'll want more of these characters, but I already know how everyone's story ends. I think that this series could be on-going forever and forever if I let it, but there's another part of me that says life is a balancing act of holding on and letting go. I'll have to let these characters go from the pages even if their stories will never die because I will always hold them in my heart.

Ah, I love writing! I know I could never part with it. I tried to give it up for a time to make people happy, but in the end it only made me sad. I'll never give up on my dreams or my writing, but I will let go of people who try to interfere with my life and try to distract me from my dreams. Writing and words will always be a part of me. I am a writer, it's not just something I can walk away from. If people can't understand that about me then they don't deserve my time or my words.