Monday, March 30, 2015

Sequels and Meandering Thoughts

Well, I've got to start editing Dragons & Magic soon, methinks. My editor told me she didn't need the manuscript until it was completely finished so I better get to it. I have to admit the idea of editing that book isn't nearly as appealing to me as continuing onward with Centaurs & Magic. It's starting to get really interesting - 27 chapters in. I already have ideas for book four taking shape and they are more clear to me now the more I continue onward with book three. I'm really excited. I think book three is definitely the best book thus far and I can't wait to continue the story in the fourth book.

I already have ideas for the books beyond the fourth, but I'm trying to keep some of my ideas contained so they don't ooze all over the pages before the plots are ready. I am very excited about my Magic series, though, and I hope you guys love my characters as much as I do. They give me a lot of grief, though, I won't lie. Always trying to tell me what to do as if I don't know what I'm doing. Geez. Calm down, people, I am the author - you can give me advice should I ask, characters, but cool it. I know what I'm doing.

Of course, as soon as I typed that I heard a snarky voice in my ear: "Oh, is that so? Is that why you're giving my Brynn to him instead of me?" Oh my goodness, Maran, please stop being a jerk. I'm sorry. The story took a different direction than I intended. I tell you, sometimes my characters want to drive me insane. I'm sure my fellow writers can relate.

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