Sunday, February 22, 2015


So excited! Blood & Magic could be released as soon as the end of March. Just got an email from my editor this morning and she had a slot available in March. I am really excited! Can't wait for all of you to meet my diverse cast of characters.

Yesterday she showed me the interior design for my upcoming novel and all I can say is - yum! It is so lovely. Not to mention the book cover itself is very eye-catching and beautiful. I'm so thrilled. Everything keeps moving along rather smoothly. I'm praying everything goes all right. I'm sure it will. I'm just a worrier. I'm delighted. I asked my publisher if she would like to see the second novel in the series or if I would have to submit it the same way I did Blood & Magic.

Dragons & Magic is the second book of my Magic series. I am currently working on the third book of the series Centaurs & Magic. I already have ideas for the fourth book in the Magic series so I'm trying to calm my mind down and get the third one finished first. All the ideas for the fourth one are coming in like a flood and I do like how these ideas tie into the earlier books and the book I'm working on now.

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