Thursday, February 26, 2015

Coming In March

So excited! Florian and Lucille and the gang will be coming to you in March! I will, of course, let you know exactly when it's out when I get all the links and all the other necessary information. I'm really excited. I hope you guys enjoy the first book in my Magic series.

Blood & Magic came about as a way to immortalize two characters from a roleplay I really enjoyed. The world is different and their personalities are a teensy bit different to fit their new setting, but they're pretty much the same characters. Although Lucille (based on a character that I had named Petula) is annoyed that I have a Petula in the novel that isn't quite so nice. I had to remind her, however, that she was going to be a villain, too, and probably would have if it hadn't been for Florian (Lorcan).

It's funny how some of my characters have more personality than people I know. They amuse me and vex me endlessly, but in the end they are the family I never had. My characters are real people to me so, of course, I feel for them. I get emotionally swept up in their problems. Like I said they are the family I never had. Although, I'm kind-of glad I don't have part-vampires and faeries in my bloodline. It might make things a little more complicated than they already are.

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