Friday, January 9, 2015

Florian and Lucille

The photo above is a piece that I commissioned of the two characters Lucille and Florian are based off of. I have a very over-active imagination so it wasn't hard for my brain to make the switch from the HP universe where Miss Rosier and Mr. d'Eath became Lucy Roddingale and Florian d'Ernos. Lucy is a faerie and Florian a part-vampire.

Florian equates sex with food so you can imagine how difficult their relationship can be, sometimes. However, even he admits that Lucille is his one and this terrifies him because he's never loved someone the way he loves her. However, you will see in this novel whether or not their love can handle this strain and many others put on it in Atriel, a land with many secrets but few answers, and once the answers are found...they're likely not what you want to hear.

I really love this book and these characters and I can't wait for you all to meet them. I have finished the sequel to this piece and it is entitled Dragons & Magic. I am working on the third book which is a prequel of sorts as the Magic series clearly does not want to go in complete linear order. I was planning on only four books, but these characters are very demanding. We'll see what happens. The third book is entitled Centaurs & Magic and it pertains to the history of some of the minor and major characters mentioned in Blood and Magic before the birth of Lucille and Florian - so it's quite interesting. My muse and imagination are strange places, but I do hope that you enjoy the places that they take you.