Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve

As this year comes to a close, my excitement builds. I'm going to begin to do work for my upcoming novel Blood & Magic. This excites me very much, I can't wait to share this novel with you all.

I can only imagine that Lucille is off in some corner with Florian somewhere whilst Clorian is rolling his eyes somewhere because he finds them perfectly immature, and he's right but he's also a bit of a killjoy so they're ignoring him which isn't too surprising. I'm not sure what everyone else is up to. Florian and Lucille like to take center stage of my muse when it comes to these characters. They're very like that.

Whatever you're doing to celebrate the coming new year (or if you're working like me) I do hope that you have a wonderful night! I know those two will probably be drinking more than they need to and end up doing something even wilder than usual which will irritate and make Clorian even grumpier. Hehe. He really should learn to lighten up some.

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Hello! Today marks a very exciting day. Today my novel Blood & Magic was accepted for publication. I will have much work to do it seems before this book comes out, but I'm super excited and I know it will all be worth it. The publishing process won't begin until 2015 so it's definitely something to look forward to in the coming year and an awesome Christmas present.

I can't wait for you to meet all my crazy cast! Florian and Lucille being among the most prominent in this tale or as they prefer to be called Ian and Lucy.

I would write more but I'm super excited and can hardly think straight! I hope that you end up loving these crazy characters and this book as much as I do. Ta ta for now!